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This Months Thoughts
August 2001

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Jesus had already had a busy day he had just fed about five thousand men,  plus women and children.  So he told the disciples get into the boat and start without him.  Jesus was taking time out to pray to his father.  We can see that Jesus was faithful in his practice and his heart because the only way that he could catch up to the boat was to walk on water.  If we take time out of our day to pray and be with our Lord our day will not be shortened there will still be time for everything else that our live seem to get cluttered with.

When  Jesus came up to the boat He called Peter to join him.  Peter had to have faith because he was going to leave the familiar surroundings and safety of his boat to meet Jesus.  God asks of us to leave familiar surroundings and to have faith and take a chance on him and he will provide but we have to take that chance and have that faith.

Than  a good wind came up and Peter got scared and lost his trust in Jesus and only remembered what he could do as a man and started to sink.  I know that I do this all the time trust myself and not God and as a result I start to sink but just as Jesus pulled Peter from the water he will also Save us if we ask and are trying to do Gods will.  

It is nice to know that no matter how short we fall Jesus will save us.  

Matthew 14:30 Lord Save Me  

Have a Good month

Mark Templeton